Monday, August 25, 2008

I hate eBay/PayPal

Sorry, I have to vent. here it goes.

a while back eBay took away the ability to leave negative feedback for buyers. as a sometimes seller this pissed me off, but honestly, I have 100% feedback, so I figured I'd cross that bridge if/when I came to it.

Fast-forward to today. I received a PayPal payment for an eBay auction for less than $100, and I see something I had never seen before: "Payment Status: On Hold - Ship now"
WTF? long story short, here is the new, seemingly arbitrary policy:

I called PayPal and asked them why this particular payment was put on hold, but they could not or would not tell me. I received two other payments over the weekend, one for more, one for less, and neither was held. I'm guessing this one was held because the buyer made an eBay User Information Request. Perhaps he did it on purpose, to trigger the hold, I don't know. He said he did it to get my payment information, but of course I had sent him an invoice the day before, right after the auction closed. I know, spam filter got it. could be.

In any event, this new hold policy, combined with the lack of negative feedback for buyers puts me in a bind. all a buyer has to do is claim they had a problem with the item after they receive it, and I am screwed. I have no recourse. No way to recoup the money, I was never given, not even the shipping cost (PayPal holds *ALL* the money, including the shipping) and I can't even leave negative feedback. I refunded the money in this case, and told the buyer why. I hope they understand. I refuse to ship and item before I am paid for it, not without prior authorization. nobody else works that way in the real world, why should I?

When will somebody create a real alternative to eBay/PayPal?

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