Tuesday, November 1, 2011

RIP Google Reader

As I was gearing up for Halloween, I got my first and only trick of the evening, and it was a nasty one. The new and "improved" Google Reader arrived. And, as expected, it sucks. Functionality has been lost, and not replaced on the Google Plus side. The official Reader blog says +1 now replaces the 'Share' and 'Share with Note' functionality. Really? Exactly how does it replace those? If I do +1 it, it certainly does not show up in my Plus stream as the full item, which it did in Reader. And speaking of sharing in Reader, what replaces the 'Note in Reader' bookmarklet? Nothing.

I have to assume not many folks used Reader the way my friends and I did, and I can imagine that Reader was difficult to monetize. But I enjoyed commenting on my friends' shared items, and likewise enjoyed reading their comments on mine. it was a nice, simple way to share almost anything on the web. As my favorite "Occupy Google Reader" protestor so aptly put it, "If I wanted Facebook I'd use it." Hopefully a Reader replacement is coming soon.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Avery Tap Room

The Avery Tap Room in Boulder, CO is, by appearances, nothing fancy, but the beer selection is second to none. The Maharaja was nowhere to be found (one Avery's many seasonal brews), but my other favorite, the Karma, was present and on tap. I started with it, quickly slaking my end-of-workday thirst. I next tried the Eighteen Anniversary, a delightful Saison. I had Funkwerks' Hibiscus Resistance Saison the night before, as this style never disappoints. The Eighteen Anniversary was no exception.

For my next to last selection I chose a hand drawn Ellie's Brown Ale. The hand drawing process gives the beer an amazing smooth texture. Below is a video of my beer being drawn:

My final beer was inadvertently chosen for me, when another member of my party ordered a 2011 Samael's and declined to drink it. This ale has a very strong aroma, almost like a liquor. No doubt this is in part due to the 15.31% alcohol content (by volume). Avery describes it thus:
Sweet, rich, complex. This beer is the best Port you've ever had!

I wish I could say I got to fully enjoy it, but my party was in a hurry to get to dinner, and I was admonished to chug it. An offer of money was made, so I obliged.

here is a small gallery of pictures I took at the Tap Room.